Choosing The Right Type Of Water Storage Tank For Your Property


A water storage tank can be a good thing to have if your area is prone to droughts or if you plan to collect rainwater for use in watering your lawn or garden. This can save you money on the cost of watering and also help avoid using city-supplied water, which in turn means less pollution created by water filtration plants. Once you start shopping for water storage tanks you may be surprised at the various types that are available to you, so note a few factors that will help you to choose.

1. Metal tanks

Metal storage tanks have the advantage of keeping water cooler if they're placed underground, which in turn can mean less chance of bacteria buildup or insects in the water. A metal tank can also be the right choice if you live in an area that has frequent brushfires, as it's less likely to be damaged in a fire than a plastic tank. For an aboveground tank, they may also look more attractive than a plastic tank, which often seem very industrial.

The drawback of a metal tank is that the connections may begin to come loose over time due to the pressure of the water or the ground (with an underground tank). They may also tend to rust or corrode after several years and, in turn, need repair work or replacement.

2. Plastic tanks

Plastic storage tanks are lightweight and easy to use, and won't rust or otherwise corrode. They also withstand the pressure of water and surrounding ground because most are made from one piece and there are no connectors to come loose. Some can also be lined so that they can hold actual drinking water, keeping that water protected from outside contaminants. You might also find that there are more sizes and options available with plastic tanks than with metal tanks, as plastic is often easier to fabricate and shape than many types of metals.

One concern over plastic tanks is that they may tend to break down when exposed to sunlight and release harmful chemicals into the water itself. These are also less durable in case of fire, as plastic may tend to melt or warp more easily than metal.

3. Concrete tanks

A concrete tank is very durable but it typically needs to be formed and set on your property, which takes much longer than simply buying a metal or plastic tank. This also needs to be done by a professional, which can be costly. However, concrete lasts for decades and stands up to sunlight and fires, making it one of the strongest choices for a water storage tank.

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16 March 2015

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