Some Diseases Identified By Water Testing


It is not just big companies that require the services of a laboratory to test water; people who own large areas of land – such as farmers or private residents – can also have the need to test any water on their land. Water testing is crucial before any further decisions are taken regarding what to do with the water. This is because there are a few unpleasant diseases that can be caught directly from the consumption of contaminated water. Let's look at some of these diseases, which water testing can detect and identify.


Although more of a general symptom rather than an illness, diarrhea can be lethal if not stopped. In truth, ingesting contaminated water will almost always result in diarrhea, before another illness ultimately becomes clear. Diarrhea causes the continued loss of fluids, which exposes the person to dehydration; this can lead to death. Without water testing, there is no way to know if your water is contaminated or not.


Cholera is a disease that is always present in emergency situations, and is a world wide problem. It is technically a bacterial infection, which is located on a person's intestinal tract. The bacteria attack the intestines, causing severe loss of fluids through constant diarrhea. Cholera is one of the most common conditions resulting from drinking contaminated water.


Typhoid is a fever that many millions of people suffer from each year. It causes painful headaches and a general feeling of sickness. It is common for a person to not want to eat when suffering from typhoid fever. While the disease can be contracted from contaminated food, drinking contaminated water is by far the most common way people catch this disease.


Although a little more uncommon, millions of people every year are affected by this condition. Schistosomiasis are basically microscopic worm eggs that inhabit areas of fresh water for up to around two days. Any animals, including humans, who ingest water containing these eggs will act as the host when the eggs hatch. Although unpleasant, the worms are not difficult to deal with when this condition has been diagnosed.

Testing Is Quick And Simple

Getting a sample of water from your land tested is simple. All you need to do is decide on a company to use, request a sample container, fill it with a sample and then send it back. The laboratory will use known samples of the characteristics of all of these diseases, and compare them to the organisms in the water. You will then be notified by the company about the contents of the water.

 Any decisions regarding what to do with any water can be made after the water test results have been received from the laboratory.


21 May 2015

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