5 Advantages of Australian Almonds


Delicious and versatile, almonds are a popular food among people from many backgrounds and cultures. By buying Australian almonds, you can not only enjoy a delicious snack, but also support the environment, local businesses and your own health. Here are a few of the most important benefits of Australian almonds.

1. Australian Almonds Are Healthy

Almonds are packed full of nutrients that support good health, such as calcium, vitamin E and magnesium. They are a relatively high protein variety of nut, which makes them a great choice for people who need to find ways to pack extra protein into their diet, such as vegans, vegetarians and bodybuilders. The fat contained in almonds is unsaturated, which is healthier for your heart. Finally, they contain plenty of fibre to help ward off constipation and keep your gut happy.

2. Australian Almonds Help the Climate

As almond trees grow, they take carbon dioxide from the air and use the carbon it contains to create the structure of the tree. In this way, almond trees lock away carbon during the life cycle of the tree, which can be many decades. By removing carbon dioxide from the air, almond trees help to slow down the process of climate change, protecting our planet for future generations.

3. Australian Almonds Support Local Communities

Most Australian almonds are grown in river communities in Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria. Almond production is an important part of the local economy in these regions, providing jobs and income for many people. Many towns hold festivals during the summer when the almond trees are displaying beautiful blossoms and preparing their fruit for harvest in the autumn.

4. Australian Almond Growers Produce More Than Food

Almonds are not the only part of the almond tree that are useful. The inedible shells that protect almonds while they are growing can be composted to support the growth of other crops or turned into renewable fuel for electricity generation. Meanwhile, almond hulls can be used as livestock feed. Australian researchers are also looking into ways to use almond hulls and shells as alternatives to plastic and other materials.

5. Australian Almond Growers Use Water Responsibly

Almonds often have a bad reputation as they require a lot of water in their cultivation. However, Australian growers locate their almond orchards close to rivers that can supply plenty of water for cultivation. Australian almonds are a great ethical alternative to almonds from California.

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13 January 2022

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Hello, my name is Marta. I grew up on a family farm, and as a girl, I knew that I was not the front runner for inheriting the farm. I thought my parents would err on the side of tradition and give the farm to my brother. However, as we grew up together – weeding gardens, giving horseback riding lessons and driving the tractor – we found that we really enjoyed working together. We also found that we loved working with our cousins who lived on the farm next door. Ultimately, when our parents decided to retire, we all decided to share the farm. Through that experience, we learned a lot, and I want to share that here in this blog. Please, explore, enjoy and learn through our adventures in agriculture.